Task status

Tracking task statuses is essential for team organization and project success. It provides a clear overview of tasks, promoting effective communication and coordination.

  • Backlog: Tasks waiting to be done. These are tasks that the team wants to accomplish.

  • To-Do: These are tasks that have been prioritized and added for the team to tackle once they finish their main priorities. It's like saying, "After we finish what we're currently working on, let's pick up these tasks next."

  • In Progress: When a task is in progress, it means the team is actively working on it. They're rolling up their sleeves and making things happen.

  • Complete: When a task is marked as complete, it means the task has been finished. It's like crossing it off the to-do list.

  • Archived: Tasks in the "Archived" category were discussed at some point, but the team has decided they are no longer necessary. It's a way of saying, "We talked about it, but we don't need to do it anymore."

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