Domain for Guest User Invitation

Benefits of Domain-Based Invitations

  • Simplified Management: Specifying a domain for a company profile allows guest users with email addresses from that trusted domain to be automatically added to the external company profile. This eliminates the need for individual invitations, saving you time and effort.

  • Enhanced Security: Setting up invitations to specific domains helps to manage access. This reduces the risk of unauthorized individuals gaining access to your projects and sensitive data.

  • Flexibility: Setting up a domain for a external company does not limit who you add to the company profile.

Adding a Guest User Domain:

  1. Navigate to the External Company Profile: Locate the profile for the external company you want to manage from the organizational overview. External company is found on the left sidebar.

  2. Edit Company Details: Click the "Edit Company" button (usually found in the top right corner of the page).

  3. Add the Domain: A pop-up window will appear. Look for a section labeled "Guest User Domain" or similar. Here, you can enter the specific email domain you want to authorize for guest access.

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