May 24' - Release notes

This month's release was a culmination of a massive effort to equip project teams with the right tools to work effectively and productively. Here's a breakdown of the new features and bug fixes included:

Feature releases

  • See your project's health in real-time: Quickly gauge if things are on track or need attention.

  • Track milestone progress: Stay on top of key deadlines and celebrate achievements.

  • Monitor task completion: Visualize overall progress and identify areas that might need a boost.

  1. Team dashboards

    • Team dashboards are the command center for your collaborative efforts. They offer a single, dynamic view of project progress, milestones, task assignments, and team member statuses.

  2. Project dashboards

    • Project dashboards are like a magnifying glass for your specific project. They provide a deep dive into its inner workings, allowing you to track its health, identify roadblocks, and celebrate achievements with laser focus.

  3. Milestone analytics

    • See all tasks associated with the milestone and their progress on a visual timeline. Easily compare task completion rates with new task creation rates.

  4. Members dashboard

    • The Team Member Project Dashboard is a view within your project that provides real-time insights into individual and team progress.

  5. My dashboard

    • Imagine a cockpit for your work – that's what a My dashboard can be. It empowers you to manage your individual workload, visualize progress on projects, and stay on top of deadlines.

External connection

  • Guest members

    • We now support the inclusion of external collaborators who are not part of the organization but need access to specific projects. Team members with the necessary project permissions can invite these collaborators. Although external collaborators will have more limited access than regular team members, they will still be able to contribute effectively to the projects they are involved in.

  • Improve invitation flow

    • When you use the global add feature, we understand the context. If you're working on a project and add someone new:

      • Internal members: They'll be automatically added to the project's and the team.

      • Guests: They'll be added to the project only.

  • Pin your favorite projects to the sidebar for quick access! This way, you can easily jump to the projects you care about most without having to search through a long list.

Improvements and iterations

  • Capacity visualization

    • A timeline that shows how busy someone is (their capacity) over time. On top of that, it also shows the projects they're committed to working on during that same period. This way, you can easily see if someone has enough time to take on new work.

  • Project commitment

    • This is a number that tells you how much of someone's time is already booked for projects. It's expressed as a percentage of their total available capacity. So, for example, if someone has 80% project commitment, that means they're already committed to projects for 80% of their time.


To help you get up and running quickly with InOrbit, we've created a dedicated demo team and project. This means:

  • Demo Team

    • We've set up a sample team within InOrbit that reflects a typical user scenario. This team structure will be familiar and relatable, making it easier to understand how InOrbit can be applied to your own teams.

  • Demo Project

    • The demo project showcases the different features and functionalities of InOrbit in action. Following along with the project, you'll see how to create tasks, track progress, collaborate with your team, and leverage other InOrbit features in a practical way.

Picker experience

  • Project dropdown - when selecting a project pinned projects appear first

  • Milestone dropdown

  • Assignee dropdown

Bugs fixes!

Improving quality and performance

  • The mobile sidebar now offers a better responsive experience.

  • Tasks are no longer duplicated across teams.

  • Task creation now responds in real-time.

  • Role assignments are no longer duplicated.

  • The personal dashboard now loads correctly.

  • Stand-up session items now load properly when navigating.

  • Update notifications are no longer duplicated in the inbox.

  • Emotes now load correctly on cards.

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