Team settings

To access your team settings simply click on the dropdown menu over your team's name on the left sidebar. This will show you all the available setting options.

Follow or unfollow a team

Following a team, project or team member, ensures you stay updated on their activities, receive notifications, and easily access their content from your profile. It fosters engagement, collaboration, and alignment with the team's initiatives.

Leave or join a team

When you join a team, you're added to the members list and automatically start receiving relevant notifications. You can choose to identify yourself as either a leader or a member. Plus, team sessions are immediately added to your personal profile for convenient access.

Leaving a team removes you from the members list, but it won't affect your following status. You can adjust this from the Following page in your profile.

Edit profile

Editing a project profile enables you to modify the project's name, description, and color, as well as upload an image for the project avatar.

Manage members

From the manage members page, you can set members' rights, assign roles, and designate any team members as project leaders. Additionally, you can conveniently remove team members using the ellipsis menu next to their name.

Delete team

Deleting a team is a permanent and irreversible action.

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