Member dashboards

The Team Member Project Dashboard is a view within your project that provides real-time insights into individual and team progress. It offers a snapshot of key metrics for each project, allowing you to see:

  • Individual Tasks: Each member has a section that tracks the tasks assigned to each team member within a project.

  • Burn Up Chart: A visual representation of the remaining workload for the project plotted against time. A upward sloping line indicates progress towards project completion.

  • Project Health: An indicator of the overall health of the tasks, considering factors like task completion rates, deadlines, and potential roadblocks.

  • Task Quantity: The total number of tasks associated with the project, giving a sense of overall scope and workload for each member.

The Team Member Project Dashboard is designed for ease of use, requiring no additional setup from you. It automatically captures and reports data on member tasks, keeping the dashboard constantly updated. Here's how to leverage its benefits:

  1. Access the Dashboard: Navigate to the project and locate the "Project Dashboard" section.

  2. Select Dashboard for Members: Start tracking!

  3. Manage Your Tasks: Focus on completing the tasks assigned to you within the project. As you work on your assigned tasks and update the status, the dashboard automatically reflects these changes.

That's it! The Team Member Project Dashboard takes care of the rest, providing real-time insights into individual and team progress without any additional configuration needed.

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