Guest User Access

Understanding Permissions

Guest users are a great way to collaborate with people outside your company on specific projects within our system. However, to ensure data security, guest access comes with some limitations. Let's break it down:

  • One Company at a Time: Guests can only be associated with one external company within our system. This keeps things organized and prevents confusion.

  • Project-Specific Access: Guests have limited access based on the project they're invited to. They can only see information and participate in projects they've been specifically added to.

  • Seeing Other Company Members: When added to an external company profile, guests can see a list of the company's members. This helps them understand who they're collaborating with.

  • Project Visibility: Guests can see the names, statuses, and dates of all projects within the company they're working with. However, they can only access and interact with projects they've been invited to. This ensures data security and prevents unauthorized access.

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