Managing Guest Access in Your Projects

Guest users are a valuable tool for collaboration, but it's important to manage their access effectively. Here's how to add, edit, and remove guest users in both projects and your organization:

Managing Guest Access in Projects:

  1. Locate the desired project and navigate to the guest section. This is typically found on the bottom of the left project sidebar.

  2. This section will list all current members of the project, including their roles and capacity.

  3. Add, Edit roles, or Remove Guests: From here, you can invite new guests by clicking on add guest, adjust a guest's role within the project, or remove their access entirely by clicking on the trash icon.

Managing Guest Members in Your Organization:

  1. Access the Organization Management Page: Go to your organization's main page and click on the name of the organization to show the menu. Once there select "Manage members".

  2. See All Members: This page will display a list of everyone in your organization, including guest users.

  3. Manage Guest Permissions: You can change the role of any guest or member within your organization, granting them access to different projects or features. You can also remove their membership entirely.

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