June 24' - Release notes

June was all about deepening your connections with your clients or partners. The following features was built to reduce the silos that happens when working with internal and external teams. We believe there is a better way to work, where boundaries are broken down to foster closer collaboration and access to information necessary for productive and efficient work.

Feature release

External connections

Client portal

This portal streamlines collaboration between your internal teams and external companies (guests). It provides transparency, centralized project management, and a clear view of project participants and access levels.

Domain for guest user invitation

Specifying a domain for a company profile allows guest users with email addresses from that trusted domain to be automatically added to the external company profile.

Improved updates

  • To improve the sharing of information we now allow guests to share updates with the organization.

Improved editor

  • Our new editor allows you to input blocks into text fields.

Editor - Insert the following blocks:

  • Header

  • Subheader

  • Paragraph

  • Bullet list

  • Ordered list

  • Quotes

  • Code blocks

  • Horizontal rules

Editor - Highlight text to apply the following:

  • Bold

  • Italics

  • Link

  • Inline code

  • Undo / redo changes


Add background images to customise your team workspace and organization overview.

Bug fixes

Improving quality and performance

  • Improved member pick list - add support for filters.

  • Fixed dashboard loading issues - loading dashboards was affected when the project did not have a role defined for a user.

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