Organizational settings

To access your organizations settings simply click on the dropdown menu over your organizations name on the left sidebar. This will show you all the available setting options.

Edit profile

Editing a profile allows you to change the name of the organization and upload or change the logo shown on the left sidebar.

Manage members

Managing members allows you to identify members as organizational leaders, you can also set their permissions as an admin or member of the organization. From here you can also remove members from the organization.

Manage billing

Here, you'll find the number of members using InOrbit and the total cost associated with them. You'll also have access to current plan details, billing information, and account contact details. It's important to keep this information updated, as your submitted email will serve as the primary contact between InOrbit and you. If you need assistance, there's a help and support link available for your convenience.

Delete organization

Deleting an organization is a permanent and irreversible action.

Switch organization

Switching organizations is straightforward. By selecting to switch organizations, you'll be directed to a screen displaying all the organizations you belong to. From there, you can easily switch accounts or create a new organization for you and your teams if needed.

Log out

Logs you out of

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