External company

The external company profile goes beyond your internal staff directory. It allows you to create a space that can be used to represent your relationship with agencies, clients, professional service providers, partners, or any external group you need to work with.

Benefits of Using Companies:

  • Improved Visibility: Gain a clear overview of the engagement, projects, and team members involved.

  • Enhanced Coordination: Create a dedicated space for guests to collaborate and manage dependencies effectively.

Customizing Your Company

  • Brand Identity: Upload a custom logo and background image to represent the company visually.

Creating a Company

  1. Go to Organizations > External Companies.

  2. Click Create Company.

  3. Add details like company name and domain (optional).

  4. Add projects and invite guest members.


  • Company creation: Only members of an organization can create companies.

  • Guest invitations: Only team members within an organization can invite guests to join the company.

  • Guest project access: Once a guest is added to the company, they can be added to any project associated with that company.

  • ⚠️ Important: Adding a company to a project does not immediately add the members of the company to the project. This is to eliminate any potential data breach. You are still required to navigate to the guests page of the project and add the individual guests to the project.

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